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The Designer Membership

is an online community and business resource that helps independent fashion startups to take action, make progress, and reach your entrepreneurial goals by giving you access to the tools, resources, and people to support and guide you to growth.

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Who is the Designer Membership for?

Independent Designers



Independent Designers

Independent designers working to LAUNCH YOUR IDEA and who are taking on the majority of what it takes to run a business themselves, or with a small team.


Designers who are ACTION-TAKERS, ready to put in the work to have the business they want.


Designers who are CHALLENGING THE TRADITIONAL APPROACH TO FASHION BUSINESS. Those of you who are learning what the rules are so that you can break them and build something your way.

What Members Say

  • “I find that doing this alone is often the hardest part. Aside from the amazing info, the friendships and assistance from this group is invaluable.”

    Janet Hamilton, Founder of Farrier Leather

  • “What we have here is a gem of a group! I have developed great relationships with other members who are selfless and kind and whom I admire.”

    Miriam Grunhaus, Founder of Mikah Fashion

  • “I’ve been a member for over a year and the community is so helpful, and supportive, and the knowledge and content Nicole shares with the group has helped me more than I can express!”

    Julia Ahrens, Founder of Miakoda

  • “Such a wonderful community of people and resources – the best money I’ve put forward for my business by far ❤️.”

    Katie Martello, Founder of Breakfast Swim

  • “I’ve been a member of StUF for a year and love having a place where I can learn and feel connected to other designers with similar struggles. Joining the community has been one of the best things I have done.”

    Katie Deming, Founder of Make Merry

  • “I’ve been a member for going on two years now and the resources are invaluable. From one crazy busy fashion entrepreneur to another, you can spend hours googling or you can spend $39 a month on yourself and SPARE YOURSELF THE TIME that can definitely be used better elsewhere. This group has been huge for helping me move forward and learn from others more experienced than I am. Highly recommend.”

    Jacoba Behnke, founder of Jacoba Jane

  • “I’ve been a member of this community for a couple of years and I really wish I had joined the community when I was still developing my line because it would’ve saved me so much time, energy and $$. In addition to thoughtfully put together business resources and collections, the designers in this community themselves are its very best asset. I have gained so much knowledge from simply watching what others have done to leverage their businesses as well as talking to several designers. STUF has given me the tools to really understand what it takes to start a business.”

    Eliana Ghantous, Founder of Modjewel

  • “Joining startup fashion has been one of the best decisions I made for my business. I meet great folks who are always there to help. It’s not like other communities where the leader is literally a stranger to the members and the members are not willing to help each other. Here I feel heard and less alone. Thank you Nicole for the love you put into your work. ❤️”

    Mardiyath Chitou, Emerging Apparel Designer

  • “I have been with StartUp FASHION for 2 years and, I can honestly say it’s been worth every penny. It’s rare to get both great resources and a great community of designers in one place❣️”

    Tonya Powell, Founder of Pareure

  • “I finally joined and and binged the members website. I’m shocked at how much detail has been put into every workshop, video, etc. I feel excited now, and not lost.”

    Lindsey Stripling, Emerging Handbag Designer